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COVID- 19 Resources and Information

"Panic is never permanent, and as the virus response ramps up, sentiment will turn higher as well. Every day we learn more. Every day we make progress. This too shall pass." Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist, First Trust*

In these uncertain times we are constantly researching and evaluating what is going on in the markets and economy. Along the way we have accumulated some resources that may be of help to you and your loved ones in the midst of this crisis.

We are here if you need us. Be safe and all the best!

*Reasons to Be Positive about the US Coronavirus Fight

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Epidemics and Stock Markets Performance

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Historically, Staying the Course has it's Rewards

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S & P Performance After It's Worst Days

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Be Aware of Covid-19 Scams

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The Great Fall and the Road to Recovery

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Don't Panic

Don't Panic

In your investing lifetime, you will live through several periods of market volatility. These periods may cause you to second-guess your investment strategy or even consider a different approach to managing your money.

Certainly, the level of volatility we’ve seen during the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) pandemic is rare.

Despite the current market volatility, the best advice may be the simplest: step back, look at the big picture, and avoid any hasty decisions.

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Resources for You

CDC’s Official Website for COVID-19 Updates:


State of Georgia’s Official COVID-19 Webpage:

Global COVID-19 Information:

Cares Act and Federal Student Loans:

Grocery Delivery Services:

Publix Grocery Delivery                    

Kroger Grocery Delivery                    

Wal-Mart Grocery Delivery              

Amazon Prime Now Grocery Delivery


Food Delivery Services:




Uber Eats 

Tips for Working at Home:


Ideas and Free Educational Materials for Kids at Home:

Scholastic’s Free Learn at Home Program

Khan Academy Free Learning              Khan Academy Info & Links

Crash Course YouTube Channel