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When You Lose A Loved One

On this page we have resources, guidance, and encouragement we hope will help you in this challenging time.

A Word From Tom

A Word From Tom

Over the years I have had the honor to assist clients who have lost their spouse, parent, or other loved one. Regardless of age there are common themes that arise in dealing with the bereavement and recovery process as well as the financial side of having lost their partner or family member.

The main piece of advice I always relate is to never make big decisions, financial or otherwise, in the initial stages of grief. Take time seek advice from loved ones and professionals. Although I caution against big changes, the act of reorganizing and planning your financial life in the aftermath of a loss may help the healing process. Hopefully, those who have lost a loved one will find this page helpful as they navigate their new circumstances.



Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself

Here are some online resources for encouragement, guidance, and support: 

Blogs, WidowLife Support Group and Facebook page

Devotions, Conferences, and Other Resources 

Support Group Finder, Resources for Healing, Surviving the Holidays


Private Facebook page to encourage & equip one another

Resources for your grief journey

Put Together Your Financial Team

Put Together Your Financial Team

There will be many tasks and decisions coming at you all at once. It's important to have a team with you to help you make wise, timely, and sound financial choices.  Each team member has an important role in guiding you through the financial side of  losing your spouse.

  • Financial Advisor - Your financial advisor will help you form a cohesive plan, review your spousal benefits, and guide you through the path of reorganizing your financial plan and assets.
  • Estate Attorney - This may be the attorney that helped you draft your wills. They will help you with legal paperwork and filings, probate, and eventually assist you in drafting new estate documents to reflect your new situation. 
  • CPA/Tax Professional - Your CPA will help you file your loved one's final tax return and help you plan for the tax changes that come with changing income and deductions. 

Please let me know if I can help you in putting together your financial team.

Additional Helpful Information