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Taxes can be one of the biggest detractors of your overall investment performance. While often overlooked, tax planning and tax strategies are valuable pieces of your financial plan. Our firm employs both robust tax planning and tax smart strategies to help you keep more of your money.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning

What is Tax Planning?

Tax planning refers to a review of your tax return to identify potential planning opportunities both now and in the future. This is different than tax preparation which is done by you or your tax professional.

Why is Tax Planning Important?

Understanding your return can equip us to have more valuable and actionable conversations.  Within these dozens of pages is valuable information that is relevant to your overall financial plan and possibly opportunities for tax saving moves.

What Kind of Opportunities Might Be Identified?

We will evaluate a number of opportunities during tax planning, which can include topics like most tax efficient retirement vehicles, charitable giving strategies, realizing capital gains, Roth IRA conversions, tax credit eligibility and more. We can run projections to see how potential changes and actions may impact your upcoming tax liability.

Stark Financial's Tax Smart Strategies

Stark Financial's Tax Smart Strategies

  • Tax Loss Harvesting 
  • Tax- Managed Portfolio Design
  • Tax Lot Coordination
  • Tax Smart Withdraws and Rebalancing
  • Holding Period Management
  • Portfolio Transition Management
  • Efficient Gifting Strategies