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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your approach to financial planning?

I prefer to work in a cooperative manner with my clients. Some prefer me to act as a guide: others look for me to lead. Either way I enjoy helping my clients set their goals and strive to achieve them. Together we weigh the alternatives, balance the long-term and short-term needs and then search for the most efficient path.

How much risk should I be willing to take?

I am a firm believer that you cannot put a price on your financial confidence. So I will work with you to choose a risk level that will both work with your goals and allow you to sleep at night.

Do you provide a free initial consultation?

Yes, I believe it is in the best interest of the client and advisor to have a no-strings-attached first meeting to find if they are compatible and discover what services are actually needed.

What is your approach to 401(k) rollovers?

Prudent decision making should not lose out to expedience, especially during volatile economic times; I will take the time to explain what options are available with the pros and cons of each so we can make an educated decision.