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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

We serve individuals and businesses in all areas of financial management, including:

Retirement Planning

Making the most of your employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs. Determining how much you need to retire comfortably. Managing assets before and during retirement.

Estate Planning

Helping with strategies to preserve your estate for your intended heirs. Potentially reducing exposure to estate taxes and probate costs. Coordinating with tax and legal advisors.

Insurance Planning

Reviewing existing insurance policies. Recommending policy changes when appropriate. Finding the best policy for your situation.

Education Funding

Recommending investment and accumulation strategies to help you pay for your children's education.

Investment Planning

Determining your asset allocation needs. Helping you understand your risk tolerance. Recommending appropriate investment vehicles to help you reach your goals.

Employee and Executive Benefits

Helping your business attract and retain qualified employees through benefit packages.

What can I expect from you?

Fiduciary Duty

Being a fiduciary means that I act with your best interest. A fiduciary is someone who represents a client's interests in good faith, building a relationship based on trust. A fiduciary has the highest ethical obligation to put your interests ahead of their compensation and any other considerations.

By utilizing a financial advisor with a fiduciary focus, the client gets financial help and advice from someone who is acting in the client’s best interests. This can have a profound impact on the decisions you and your financial advisor can make in collaboration and what they might have you do to preserve or grow your wealth.

Annual Review Meeting

We will meet at least annually for a review of your investment accounts and financial plan.

Informative emails

Each month you will receive a market commentary video, featuring an overview of last month’s market performance and a glance at the month ahead. In addition, you will receive occasional emails with information on market and economic changes that are relevant to you.


Anytime the market is open we are open and available. If you email or leave a message, you can expect a prompt reply. Just keep in mind that we cannot accept transaction instructions via email or voicemail.

How often will we meet?

We will meet at least annually for your review meeting. We will also meet throughout the year as issues or changes arise. These meetings can be initiated by advisor or client and can be virtual, in person, or via phone.

When will you contact me?

Initially, we will be in frequent contact providing updates and information as we get your account and financial plan set up. Going forward we will reach out by email or phone when its time for a review or as opportunities arise for allocation adjustments and other account needs.

How are you compensated?

We use a fee-only structure for our Advisory Fees. That means we charge an annual percentage of the assets under management based on your account value. The fee is deducted from your account on a quarterly or monthly basis.

We also have stand-alone services such as special consulting or financial plan services that may be charged an hourly rate or a flat fee for the service. Many of these services are included as a client with assets under management.

How often do we review my portfolio and its performance?

We routinely monitor your accounts and will review your portfolio and its performance at our annual review meeting. There will be occasions where will need to meet more frequently. We also encourage you to review your statements quarterly and let us know if you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

How often do we review the progress toward achieving my goals?

During our annual review meeting we will review your financial plan and your progress toward your retirement goals. We provide access to your financial plan online so you can log in anytime to review. You can even see how changes such as increasing your investment contributions or changing your retirement age will affect your plan.

What is your approach to financial planning?

I prefer to work in a cooperative manner with my clients. Some prefer me to act as a guide: others look for me to lead. Either way I enjoy helping my clients set their goals and strive to achieve them. Together we weigh the alternatives, balance the long-term and short-term needs and then search for the most efficient path.

How much risk should I be willing to take?

I am a firm believer that you cannot put a price on your financial confidence. So I will work with you to choose a risk level that will both work with your goals and allow you to sleep at night.

Do you provide a free initial consultation?

Yes, I believe it is in the best interest of the client and advisor to have a no-strings-attached first meeting to find if they are compatible and discover what services are actually needed.

What is your approach to 401(k) rollovers?

Prudent decision making should not lose out to expedience, especially during volatile economic times; I will take the time to explain what options are available with the pros and cons of each so we can make an educated decision.