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We are so glad you have made the decision or are exploring the possibility of  becoming a part of the Stark Financial Strategies family! Working with a financial advisor who understands your goals can help you create a plan to make the most of your money- now and in retirement. 

What To Expect

Step 1: Initial "Get to Know You" call -  A short 15 minute call to get acquainted with each other. If you would like to schedule this, Just reach out either by calling us at (770) 554-9660 or using the Online Calendar to set up a 15 minute initial call.

Step 2: Discovery Meeting - This can be in-person, virtual, or phone call. It is usually about 30 minutes and we go more in depth with where you are financially and your goals for you and your family.

Step 3: Initial Onboarding - If after our first two conversations, we both decide to move forward my team and I will usher you through the onboarding process. We will first send you a brief new client information form. This will provide us with most of the information needed to complete account opening paperwork. You will then receive your paperwork prefilled and ready for review and signature. We will follow up with a more in-depth client profile form and short risk questionnaire. This will provide us with essential information for financial planning.

Step 4: Account Opening, Transfer, and Establish Online Access - We will stay in touch as your account is opened and funds are transferred.  We will also assist you with gaining online access to your new account.

Step 5: Implementation Recommendations - Once your accounts are opened and funded I will review your account, risk questionnaire results, and recommendations with you. We will also visit your financial plan and any further information needed to enhance your plan. I will take time to discuss any questions or ideas you may have.

Step 6: First Account Statement -  Once you have received your first statement we will set up a call at your convenience to review it with you and see if you have any questions or feedback. 

As you can see, initially, we will be in frequent contact providing updates and gathering information as your account and financial plan are established. Going forward, continued communication is just as important.

  • We will reach out by email or phone when its time for a full review or as opportunities arise for allocation adjustments and other account needs.
  • We will meet at least annually for your review meeting. We will also meet throughout the year as issues or changes arise.
  • These meetings can be initiated by advisor or client and can be virtual, in person, or via phone.
  • Each month you will receive a market commentary video, featuring an overview of last month’s market performance and a glance at the month ahead.
  • In addition, you will receive occasional emails with information on market and economic changes that are relevant to you.

Advisor-Client Relationship

Practical Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

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