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Student Loan Counseling Service

Student Loan Crisis

We have all seen the headline "Student Loan Crisis". As of 2022 there is 43 million federal student loan borrowers owing a massive $1.62 trillion. It is astounding and the numbers are growing. But most likely what concerns you is your personal "student loan crisis". If you are stressed about your student loan debt, struggling with your payment, frustrated with your servicer, or confused about repayment plans, it may be time to get some help.

First of all, you are not alone. Many are experiencing the same struggles. That is what inspired us to provide student loan counseling. Whether you are a recent graduate or have been striving to make your payments, we are here to guide you from feeling helpless to in control of your student loan debt and repayment.

What to Expect

  • One-on-one with a Certified Student Loan Counselor
  • Thorough look at your financial situation – not just your student loans
  • An audit of your current loans and their terms
  • Identify potential options toward cancellation and forgiveness.
  • Comprehensive, one-on-one guidance through your repayment options
  • A financial game plan, including which repayment plan is right for you
  • Helpful resources and tools

Intake Form

Prior to your first meeting, complete the intake form below. Provide all the information you have and the rest we will work on together.

Intake Form

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