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Helping Your Advisor Help You

Blueleaf is a service offered to all Stark Financial clients. It gives you and your financial advisor a view of all your assets and liabilities in one convenient location. This allows us to use that knowledge to deliver to you comprehensive financial advice.

Information on Blueleaf is up to date and easily available to you. You will also receive a monthly email which is a quick snapshot of your accounts.

Watch the video available below for more information and a tour of Blueleaf.

Blueleaf Informational Video

Get Started

Once you have received your invitation to Blueleaf it is time to accept and get started! If you would like to view a 3 minute tutorial video on setting up your Blueleaf account please see below. If you have already accepted your invitation and would like to now add additional accounts to Blueleaf the video available below will walk you through the easy process of adding additional accounts.

Blueleaf Tutorial Video