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Fall 2019 Newsletter

Autumn is here! For many it's time to enjoy outdoors and savor delicious fall favorites. It's also back to school and this can be a time of joy or a time of stress. Preparing for and paying for college is often a source of the back to school stress. Careful planning can help avoid some of the anxiety. 

College acceptance and paying for college is getting its share of news coverage these days. It seems even the rich and famous are stressing and even cheating the system in the name of higher education. It doesn't have to be this way. There are many resources and certainly planning ahead will help tremendously.

In this newsletter we have included links and articles to help you enjoy fall and prepare for college at any stage of life.

If you are in the North Georgia area is a good resource for finding a hiking trail that is right for you. Each featured trail includes the distance, difficulty level, a detailed description of the hike, and if the trail is dog friendly. It helps to take the guess work out of trying a new place. You can also look for hikes with certain features such as waterfalls or great views. Find a great hike and get out there!

It's never too early to start saving

If you have young children or grandchildren you should consider a 529 savings plan. There are many advantages to this plan such as tax-free growth, low maintenance, flexibility, and contributions may be deductible for state taxes. For more information on Georgia's 529 plan visit 

If you do not live in Georgia please contact us for 529 options for you. Most states offer plans and there are plans that are open to anyone. We would love to talk to you about which plan is right for your family.

Two other great resources for college savings information are  and

Take advantage of these resources and begin planning today!

Did you know we offer Student Loan Counseling?

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed, confused, or frustrated by student loan debt we are here to help. We can help with choosing the right repayment plan, planning a path to forgiveness, and in some situations finding sources for refinancing of private loans.

We hope you have a productive and happy fall season! Feel free to contact us for any questions or for more information on college saving or any other financial needs.